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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is your company insured and bonded?

A.  Yes, each pet in our care will be insured in case of an accident.  Each employee is bonded (sometimes called a

"dishonesty bond") to assure clients that we trust our employees will not steal or vandalize items in your home.  We

screen all employees very well and would never hire someone whose integrity we questioned.


Q.  Are dogs walked on leashes?

A.  We will keep dogs leashed, unless in a fenced/secured area or with written permission under special

circumstances (once we've gotten to the a dog well and all parties feel comfortable with a dog being off-leash). We

don't want dogs to have the chance to run away or to scare anyone by jumping on or lunging at them to play or

sniff.  By keeping dogs leashed, we can keep a close eye on what each dog is getting into while they're in our care.  


Q.  Are dogs given water during the walks?

A.  Walkers will always have water available and will provide it as needed.


Q.  How many dogs are walked on a group walk?

A.  No more than 5 dogs are walked at one time (but more often than not, there are only 2-3), to provide each dog

with plenty of attention.


Q.  Are all dogs accepted in group walks?

A.  We like well-behaved dogs for group walks so if you know your dog may not get along with other dogs, maybe a

private walk would be more suitable.  We will do our best to pair your dog with others of similar age, stamina and/or

abilities so they can have the most fun together.


Q.  Will the walker meet the pets prior to the first visit?

A.  We will give a consultation before each walk so the walker can get detailed information about each pet, get keys,

meet the pets, etc.


Q.  How far are dogs walked?

A.  It will depend on weather and the dogs' abilities but the average is 2-3 miles for one hour walks and 1-1.5 miles

for 1/2 hour walks.  We can provide you with daily notes of where and when we walked.  We may even bring a

camera with us and take pictures every once in a while!


Q.  Do we sign contracts?

A.  Yes, we will have a written agreement that includes services and fees that apply.


Q.  How do walkers get into our house to walk the pets?

A.  You will have to provide a key or a way to get in if no one will be home.  Remember, we only hire people who we

would trust in our own home and all employees are bonded.


Q.  Do you provide references?

           A.  Yes, we can provide reference upon request.

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