DOGS (and cats)!!
DeEtta and Popeye pose for a
picture along the Turnagain Arm.
Barkley and Savanna on a warm summer day.
Echo relaxes at the park.
Buster's always alert.

the company

Anchorage Dog Walkers was started to provide attention and exercise to dogs who are home alone while their owners
are working or on vacation.  It is important for a dog's quality of life to have at least 30 minutes of exercise each day to
prevent boredom, to stay healthier and for its overall well-being.  Anchorage Dog Walkers understands that all dogs
have different needs so we do our best to come up with a suitable exercise program for each pet in our care  For the
dogs who are young and active, we can provide longer walks or runs so they can release some of their energy.  For
the dogs who prefer to sniff around, we can provide a more leisurely stroll.

We specialize in dogs who lack social skills or could use improved manners.  Our goal is to teach dogs to walk politely
with a variety of dogs in multiple settings.  It is important for dogs to have social outings where they feel comfortable
and relaxed, not afraid or anxious. If your pet would like a fun outing during the day, could use better social skills or
improved manners, Anchorage Dog Walkers may be able to help!


Our sitters are all animal lovers who love the outdoors.  Our walks are not only enjoyable and beneficial for the dogs,
they also allow the sitters to get outside and to be active!  Anchorage Dog Walkers provides ongoing training to their
sitters so you will receive the highest quality service.  We are prepared for a variety of weather conditions and always
have the pet's best interest in mind.  We can leave you notes each day to describe where and when we went on walks
and any other important information.  We will always be watching for signs of fatigue (panting, dry mouth, dogs looking
for shade, etc.) and will take appropriate measures to avoid overheating, dehydration, or illness.  In snowy weather
we will keep the dogs' blood flowing so they stay warm and we will clean their paws of salt, ice or snow pack.  In the
summer we will provide water (which we carry year-round), shade and breaks as needed.  While you're at work or on
vacation, you can relax and be assured that your pet is safe and is being treated as one of our own!!

Anchorage Dog Walkers is insured and bonded and is a member of Pet Sitters International (PSI).  As members, we are
happy to follow PSI's Quality Standards of Excellence.  To read about these standards, go to:


** DeEtta
Bloem (owner and sitter) has lived on farms and has cared for many different types of animals.  She has lived
all over the USA and attended junior high and high school in Mexico.  DeEtta has a true love of the outdoors and
knows how important it is to stay active.

** Chad Carl (owner and sitter) grew up in Colorado and has always loved to take dogs with him in the
outdoors....camping, hiking, and biking.  He is an avid cyclist who thinks it's incredibly rewarding to play with dogs,
who treat you like you're their best friend.
for a tail waggin' good time!
Boru gallops through the snow!
Chad and Popeye on the
beach in Homer.
Sweet Reuther!!
Jessy was 16 years
old here!!  GO GIRL!!
Bodhi being patient, as usual.
Reiley, The Gentle Giant.
We walk more and more "doodles".
Winston has such a beautiful face.
Mojito at the beach!
Paylynn sure was a BIG puppy!!
Photogenic Spencer.
Maggie on an amazing
fall day.
Gotta love these faces!
Bo's big round eyes.
Akila enjoying a ski day.
Roxanne going for fish under the ice.
Poncho's serious
Some of the walkers....Matt, Marcus, Jenissa, Autumn,
Courtney, Patrick, Claire, Brian....and the dogs.